We are now completing a very extensive remodeling project that took several months, and we are so happy that we chose to work with John!

We found that there are several things that set him apart:

  1. Unlike most contractors, he actually works alongside his crew. That means he has lower overhead, and his bid was very competitive. 
  2. He’s on site almost all the time and not just checks in occasionally. He’s on top of everything 100% and you can discuss with him any requests and issues immediately as they come up. 
  3. He excels in framing. John was able to execute some unique and unusual details that require clever framing solutions and excellent finishing abilities. 
  4. We were able to continue living in the house throughout the remodel, even though the entire house was being worked on. This is huge as it saved us tons of money. It certainly wasn’t easy to basically live in a construction zone, but John managed to plan the work in such a way that made it doable. He made sure we had at least one working bathroom at all times, shifted the improvised kitchen around as needed, and cleaned up after each day. 
  5. John and his wife are both very pleasant people and it was a pleasure working with them!


“In the tense and frantic world of kitchen and home remodeling, you can breathe a sigh of relief with Kusalo Construction.  This was one of the most enjoyable remodel experiences I have ever had.  John and his crew are true professionals.  We had our kitchen remodeled, along with some additional electrical work, etc.  John and his assistant were there every single day, all day, getting it done.  They are extremely clean and very thorough.  John and his wife, Diana, work together as a team to insure you are satisfied and have a high quality end product.  Diana helps with design and will go with you to pick out tile, etc.  John is fantastic at electrical and tile.  He can do it all.  A wonderful experience!”

– Rachel L. | Campbell, CA

“We worked with John on a project that included an addition and a significant interior remodel. John did a great job, showed to work responsibly, was very pleasant to work with, listened to our requests and gave us useful suggestions on the go. John did most of the work himself, from the framing to the interior cabinetry details, and made sure we were completely satisfied with the results -i.e., re-doing the staining of wood when the color didn’t turn up as we wanted. Finally, John took great care in keeping the place livable and as tidy as possible, which was important because we stayed in the house during the work.”

– Edith G.  | San Jose, CA

“John is an excellent contractor, he has strong knowledge of the business and is a source of valuable information for my addition/remodel. He is candid, honest and dependable. He takes the time to explain where we are in the project and what is going on. 

I love the fact that he personally shows up to work on my house, he’s a hands-on General Contractor. Someone I can trust to work on my house with my family there. His quality and craftsmanship are stellar and prices competitive. 

Highly recommend John and Kusalo Construction”

– Daniel S | Saratoga

“John is a master at tile work. We used him to remodel our house and his work was excellent. Roof, complete bathroom remodel, sun tubes flagstone front porch. His work is amazing. He can do everything from the ground up. He is busy but worth the wait.”

– Teri R. | San Jose

“I can’t say enough about the great work John did on our house. We remodeled our kitchen and bathroom,  his eye for design and suggestions really made the difference. I really liked the fact he showed up every day and did the work himself. His craftsmanship and work is flawless. I would completely recommend him.”

– Vishy V. | Cupertino, CA

“We expanded the kitchen and bathroom and added a family room, over 1,500 sq ft. The level of workmanship and quality was excellent. John is a really great builder. He understands all aspects of construction. He was very professional and worked around my schedule. Our house a looks brand new now.”

– Tom J. | San Jose, CA

“John was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me remodel my kitchen. He is a seasoned contractor who knows the trades: carpentry, tile, roofing, etc. I would definitely use him again. His personalized attention to detail and to my needs as a homeowner could not have been better.”

– Monica B. | Saratoga, CA