We are now completing a very extensive remodeling project that took several months, and we are so happy that we chose to work with John!

We found that there are several things that set him apart:

  1. Unlike most contractors, he actually works alongside his crew. That means he has lower overhead, and his bid was very competitive. 
  2. He’s on site almost all the time and not just checks in occasionally. He’s on top of everything 100% and you can discuss with him any requests and issues immediately as they come up. 
  3. He excels in framing. John was able to execute some unique and unusual details that require clever framing solutions and excellent finishing abilities. 
  4. We were able to continue living in the house throughout the remodel, even though the entire house was being worked on. This is huge as it saved us tons of money. It certainly wasn’t easy to basically live in a construction zone, but John managed to plan the work in such a way that made it doable. He made sure we had at least one working bathroom at all times, shifted the improvised kitchen around as needed, and cleaned up after each day. 
  5. John and his wife are both very pleasant people and it was a pleasure working with them!